About the gallery
The Mauer Gallery, founded in 2019 by art veterans Benoit Créac'h and Julia Gaudard, is poised to shake up the Berlin art scene with its youthful spirit and cutting-edge programming.
"Ben & Julia" have been involved in the art world for over four decades. Both growing up surrounded by artists, friends, and family, After working around the world, they eventually settled in Berlin, where they have built a network of talented artists operating on the fringes of the mainstream art market.
Located in a vibrant neighborhood on the banks of the canal separating Kreuzberg from Neukolln and Alt Treptow, the gallery's site, once part of the former Berlin Wall, is a symbolic crossroads of the tangible and intangible.
The Mauer Gallery is a luminous window, designed to awaken the viewer's eye and connect them with the artist's vision.
It boasts an impressive roster of original works, through its online store, MaisonSaucisse.com, the gallery also offers limited edition reproductions, writings, and merchandise developed in collaboration with its artists.
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