Founded in 2019 by Benoit Créac'h, the Mauer is a primary market Art gallery with a youthful spirit and edgy programming.
Thanks to his involvement in the art world since 20 years, first in Paris and then in Berlin, Créac'h has always been in contact with an independent generation of artists evolving on the fringes of the art market and addressing not only the potential buyers but literally everyone through a Kidult approach.
Located next to the canal separating Kreuzberg from Neukolln and Alt Treptov, built on the site of the former Berlin Wall, the Mauer Gallery is conceived as a crossroads of the tangible and the intangible, a luminous window designed to awaken the viewer's eye and connect him or her with the artist's vision.
A place with a moderate digital presence.
The gallery already has a catalogue of exceptional original works, notably by the Swiss artist Julia Gaudard, whose Mauer is the Primary Gallery.
Through its online shop Maison Saucisse, it distributes limited edition reproductions, writings and merchandise developed in collaboration with the gallery's artists.
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